Product Tutorials
Product Tutorials
The following multimedia tutorials are available for viewing. These tutorials include 3D animations that help you better understand the features, benefits and clinical applications of SDI products. Click a title to enter the tutorial classroom. 

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SDI’s Pola Office and In-Office Tooth Whitening
Pola Office uses a 35% hydrogen peroxide formula to give you and your patients quick and efficient results without excessive time wasted chairside.
Aura Universal Composite Restorative by SDI
Aura, a premium universal composite restorative system from SDI, takes a new approach to color matching. Aura combines an easy layering technique with colors based on the natural make-up of enamel and dentin, in order to simplify shade matching. With Aura you can achieve remarkable aesthetics in less time, which is good news for dentists and patients.
Riva Bond LC
Introducing new Riva Bond LC, the light-cured adhesive for direct restorations that combines high bond strength with reduced stress at the restorative interface for longer-lasting restorations.
Radii Plus
Ultramat 2 High Speed Amalgamator
The Ultramat 2 High Speed Amalgamator, by SDI, is a high energy, state-of-the-art amalgamator indicated for the trituration of encapsulated dental restorative materials.
Pola Tooth Whitening System
The Pola Tooth Whitening System, by SDI, is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive whitening system that effectively whitens teeth while reducing sensitivity for maximum patient comfort.
Introduction to Riva Light Cure and Riva Self Cure GIC restoratives
Dr. John Comisi outlines the benefits of Riva Light Cure and Riva Self Cure at the Greater New York Meeting 2008
Introduction to seT resin cement
Dr. Michael Miyasaki outlines the benefits of seT resin cement in syringes at the Greater New York Meeting 2009
Step by step in-office whitening demonstration
Find out how easy it is to use Pola Office and Pola Office+, in-office whitening systems from SDI (North America) Inc. This detailed video shows you how to effectively whiten your patient's teeth in the dental chair.
The Radii Plus LED Curing Light
The Radii Plus is not just an LED Curing light. Curing? Whitening? Transilluminating? The Radii Plus does it all. The amazing transformation takes place with a simple pull and click of the LED attachment. Watch this video to find out all about the amazing features of the Radii Plus.
Riva Self Cure and Riva Light Cure
SDI, a global leader in direct restorative dental products, is proud to introduce Riva Self Cure and Riva Light Cure, two of SDI’s flagship glass ionomer restorative materials.
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